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Shareholder participation rights

Restrictions and representation of voting rights

Only nominees are subject to restrictions (see section “Capital structure” of this corporate governance report). No exceptions were granted during the reporting year, and no measures to remove these restrictions are planned. According to the Articles of Association, a shareholder may be represented at a Shareholders’ Meeting by its legal representative, another shareholder with the right to vote, or the independent proxy. Shares held by a shareholder may be represented by only one person.

Statutory quorum

Changes to the Articles of Association may only be approved by a majority of at least two-thirds of the voting rights represented at the Shareholders’ Meeting; share capital increases are carried out, however, upon an absolute majority of the votes represented. The dissolution or a merger of the company can only be decided upon if at least half the shares issued are represented at the Shareholders’ Meeting and two-thirds thereof vote in favor of the corresponding proposal (see also paragraph 16 of the Articles of Association).

Convocation of the Shareholders’ Meeting and submission of agenda items

The applicable regulations regarding requesting the convocation of an extraordinary Shareholders’ Meeting are in line with the applicable law regarding the convocation of a Shareholders’ Meeting. Shareholders representing at least 2% of the share capital may submit items for inclusion on the agenda of a Shareholders’ Meeting. Such submissions must be requested in writing at least two months prior to the meeting and must specify the agenda items and proposals of the shareholder concerned (see also paragraph 12 of the Articles of Association).

Entry in the share register

Voting rights may be exercised by shareholders who are registered in the share register on the record date stated in the invitation to the respective Shareholders’ Meeting.

Independent proxy

At the Annual General Meeting of April 3, 2019, Proxy Voting Services GmbH was elected as the independent proxy for a term of office extending until completion of the next Annual General Meeting. The Articles of Association do not contain rules on the granting of instructions to the independent proxy and the electronic participation in the Shareholders’ meeting which deviate from the default Swiss law.