The next generation of impeller manufacturing

Sulzer and a well-known compressor manufacturer are co-developing an innovative manufacturing process for closed impellers. Thanks to the new process, Sulzer will be able to offer high-quality parts with radically low lead times. The ambitious goal is to offer closed impellers within 48 hours to our customers.

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Speeding up the development of mascara brushes

The development of mascara brush prototypes usually takes up to 18 weeks. By using a new plastic powder for the production process, Sulzer’s Applicator Systems division was able to develop a prototype within one week.

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Turning pumps into smart devices

Whereas monitoring systems are common for big, engineered pumps in critical applications, smaller process pumps rarely come with such a feature. Sulzer is developing a smart sensor for process pumps. The sensor can measure the temperature and vibration of pumps in the field and transfer this information wirelessly to a cloud database.

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Sulzer’s future factories: smart and learning

The fourth industrial revolution is not only about new technologies, it is about changing the way of doing business and winning through information. Sulzer has reorganized its pumps engineering, manufacturing, and supply chain into an integrated global factory network. Each element of the network will be smart and contribute to constant learning. In this way, we will be able to cut delivery times and offer Sulzer’s recognized quality at competitive prices at the same time.

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Faster than ever: delivering pump spare parts within 48 hours

In a world where everything gets faster and faster, delivery time becomes a decisive success factor in the service business. Sulzer’s Rotating Equipment Services division was able to cut our average delivery time from ten weeks to eight days – and we aspire to be even faster.

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Letter to the shareholders

Markets are changing faster than ever before. Technology has upended the oil and gas landscape, taking the USA in a few years from the status of net importer to surpassing Saudi Arabia as an oil producing nation. It has made data, ours and our customers’, the most valuable commodity of all. It has allowed us to enter new markets, but has also empowered a new breed of competitors in domains where significant industrial assets used to be a prerequisite to compete. And it makes the world a global village, creating limitless opportunities for efficient collaboration across our company and beyond.

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Our highlights

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CHF 269 million

Contribution from acquisitions on order intake in 2017


We launched the first group-wide Sulzer Innovation Awards in 2017


We donated 4 modular units to a South African non-profit organization