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Helping dentists
work more safely
and precisely

Dentists have a complex and highly demanding job – so making treatment faster and safer benefits them and patients alike. Sulzer developed a special syringe solution that allows oral surgeons to perform dental implant surgery intuitively, quickly and safely.


When replacing damaged or missing teeth with a dental implant, dentists often found they were lacking an all-in-one device to directly apply biomaterial into the bone. Approached by long-term partners and customers, we took on the challenge.

The art of replacing teeth

Using tooth implants is a state-of-the-art procedure for damaged or missing teeth. A dental implant is a component made of metal or ceramic material that is inserted into the jawbone. These implants take over the function of an artificial tooth root, to which various tooth prostheses – such as single teeth, bridges or crowns – can be fixed.

Often, the hole in a jawbone is too large for an implant to be fixed into. The solution is to fill in a bone substitute material – like any normal filler for walls. It takes about three to six months until it is fully integrated into and replaced by the natural bone. The implant can then be drilled into the newly grown bone and will be securely fixed for a strong and lasting solution.

No longer in a jar

Traditionally, the surgeon would prepare the material in a jar and apply it with a spatula. Given that this is time-consuming and leads to loss of material, the market was in need of innovative solutions.

Sulzer developed a dental syringe that can apply biomaterial directly into the bone during surgery. The novel solution makes the procedure easier for dentists, speeds up the treatment significantly, and reduces loss of material.

With Sulzer’s dental syringe solution, dentists can apply biomaterial directly into the bone. This makes treatment of patients safer and easier. 

Intuitive and hygienic

The unique curved design of the syringe allows dentists to operate it with one hand only and gives them a much better view of the bone defect they need to treat.

With the syringe, the bone replacement material can be stored in a sterile manner until it is needed. Whether the bone replacement material is in the form of granulate or paste, both can be inserted precisely and reliably.

Supporting players in the health sector

We work together with leading biomaterial producers and device manufacturers to make biomaterial delivery safer and more precise.

Our application systems help make surgeons’ time in the operating rooms easier and more effective.