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Information policy

Sulzer Ltd reports on its order intake every quarter (media releases) and on its financial results every half-year. In each case, it also comments on business performance and outlook. In addition, the company reports on important events on an ongoing basis (ad hoc publications). The reporting referred to in the compensation report (including the respective references to the financial reporting section) complies with the recommendations on the content of the compensation report as laid out in section 38 of annex 1 to the Swiss Code of Best Practice for Corporate Governance.

Key dates in 2021

  • February 24: Annual results 2020
  • April 14: Annual General Meeting 2021
  • April 29: Order intake Q1 2021
  • July 22: Midyear results 2021
  • October 27: Order intake nine months 2021

These dates and any changes can be viewed at www.sulzer.com/events. Media releases (sent via e-mail) can be subscribed to at www.sulzer.com/subscribe. Other information is available on the Sulzer website www.sulzer.com.

Material changes

The text makes reference to any material changes occurring between the balance sheet date (December 31, 2020) and the copy deadline for the Annual Report (February 23, 2021).