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Executive Committee

The Executive Committee consists of the Chief Executive Officer (CEO), the Chief Financial Officer (CFO), the Chief Human Resources Officer (CHRO) and four Division Presidents. 

The Board of Directors delegates executive management powers to the CEO. The CEO delegates the appropriate powers to the members of the Executive Committee. The Division Presidents define and attain business targets for their respective divisions in accordance with group-wide goals. The Board of Directors and Organization Regulations govern, among other things, the transfer of responsibilities from the Board of Directors to the CEO (the regulations can be viewed at www.sulzer.com/governance, under “Regulationsˮ). There are no management contracts with third parties. None of the Executive Committee members has a contract with a notice period exceeding 12 months. The members of the Executive Committee and their CVs can be viewed at www.sulzer.com/management.

Additional mandates of members of the Executive Committee outside the Sulzer group

No member of the Executive Committee may hold more than five mandates, of which no more than one may be in listed companies (Articles of Association, Art. 33; published at www.sulzer.com/governance, under “Articles of Associationˮ). Exceptions (e.g. for mandates held at the request of Sulzer or mandates in charity organizations) are defined in the Articles of Association (Art. 33, paragraphs a, b and c).

CVs of the members of the Executive Committee can be found at www.sulzer.com/management.