Evergreen incubator

Annual Report 2021

Two centuries of technological leadership

Since Sulzer’s founding in 1834, the company has been at the forefront of technological advancement across industries — through a mixture of innovation and incubation. Take a journey through some of Sulzer’s achievements over the last two centuries — from the earliest 19th century steam engines right up to the spin-off and listing of medmix in 2021.

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Letter to the shareholders

2021 was an eventful and pivotal year for Sulzer. All three of Sulzer’s divisions reached record profitability in 2021 — an achievement rendered all the more impressive by the significant disruptions in global supply chains and the ongoing challenges caused by the pandemic.

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employees from all over the world work at Sulzer.
production and service locations spreads across the globe.
billion Sales generated in 2021 from continuing operations.