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Values and behaviors at the heart of Sulzer’s success

In 2017, Sulzer introduced a new set of simple and pragmatic values and behaviors that redefined the way the company and its employees operate. One year on, the company looks at how these values and behaviors are being brought to life.

Voice of Sulzer

In 2018, Sulzer launched a global employee survey with the aim of further strengthening the company’s culture and improving employee experience. The Voice of Sulzer, with its simple and accessible format, achieved a 73% participation rate. It returned insightful results that help Sulzer to gain a better understanding of how employees view the many different aspects of life at Sulzer.

Since their introduction a little over a year ago, the Sulzer values and behaviors are gradually being integrated into various aspects of day-to-day life at our company. They represent a common anchor and reference point across the diverse areas of our business and will continue to shape our future direction.

Armand Sohet, Chief Human Resources Officer

At a global level, Sulzer employees are highly engaged. A full 93% of respondents would go the extra mile to help Sulzer succeed. And over 80% would recommend Sulzer as a good place to work. Compared with peers in the manufacturing industry, Sulzer equals or outperforms the benchmark in eight out of ten categories.

Careful analysis of the results has given Sulzer detailed insight into employee experience, and has identified many areas where the company is performing well. The results have also revealed areas where there is room for improvement. The company will now be able to focus global efforts on these areas to further enhance the overall experience of each Sulzer employee.

Read more about our values and behaviors at www.sulzer.com.

Sulzer in Motion: healthy body, healthy mind

In 2018, Sulzer built on and further expanded the employee health and well-being initiative – Sulzer in Motion. The aim of the initiative is to promote team spirit, collaboration and healthy habits to make Sulzer a more vibrant place to work.

Following great feedback from the pilot in 2017, Sulzer successfully expanded participation in the Virgin Pulse Global Challenge in 2018. Almost 2’500 Sulzer employees from around the world formed 350 teams to join the challenge, tracking their movement and activity over the course of 100 days. The Sulzer teams covered a combined total distance of 2’001’336 km, the equivalent of walking around the world 50 times! The 2018 Global Challenge saw high level of engagement, with employees from all areas of Sulzer posting regular updates of their sporting achievements on our internal communication platform. For Sulzer, “Committed People” means happy, healthy and energized people – the health and well-being of employees remains a key focus for the company.