11Other operating income and expenses

millions of CHF





Income from release of contingent consideration




Gain from sale of property, plant and equipment





Gain from deconsolidation of subsidiaries




Other operating income





Total other operating income










Restructuring expenses





Impairments on tangible and intangible assets





Cost for mergers and acquisitions





Loss from sale of property, plant and equipment





Loss from deconsolidation of subsidiaries





Operating currency exchange losses, net





Total other operating expenses










Total other operating income / (expenses), net





Other operating income includes recharges to third parties not qualifying as sales to customers, government grants and incentives, and sundry other tax refunds. In 2023, other operating income included income from charges to the discontinued operation Applicator Systems division (later renamed medmix) for corporate support functions and centrally procured indirect spend utilized by medmix of CHF 1.6 million (2022: CHF 9.8 million).

In 2023, the total gain from deconsolidation primarily included a gain of CHF 8.0 million from the deconsolidation of four Russian legal entities. The total gain and loss from deconsolidation includes a net gain from the reclassification of currency translation adjustments of CHF 10.9 million and a gain of CHF 0.6 million from the reclassification of cash flow hedge reserves (see note 5).

In 2022, the loss from deconsolidation of subsidiaries includes a loss of CHF 6.2 million resulting from the deconsolidation of two subsidiaries in Poland and a loss of CHF 0.6 million from the disposal of a subsidiary in Brazil (see note 5).

In 2023, the group recognized net impairment losses on tangible and intangible assets amounting to CHF 0.2 million (2022: impairment losses of CHF 44.5 million), consisting of impairment losses of CHF 1.0 million, partially offset with the reversal of impairment losses amounting to CHF 0.8 million. In 2022, impairment losses amounting to CHF 12.1 million were recorded based on performed impairment tests on production machines and facilities as well as lease assets. Impairments of CHF 32.4 million on goodwill, other intangible assets, property, plant and equipment and lease assets were recorded in connection with the classification of the business in Russia as held for sale and the write-down to fair value less costs to sell (see note 5).

In 2023, the group recognized restructuring costs of CHF 5.2 million (2022: CHF 1.8 million), partially offset with the release of restructuring provisions of CHF 2.2 million (2022: CHF 1.7 million). Restructuring costs mainly relate to the reorganization in the Flow Equipment division.