Serving essential markets

Sulzer serves essential markets, supporting prosperous economies and a sustainable society. Important global trends make our products, services and technologies more relevant than ever.

As the world population grows, there is a greater need for products and services, particularly in emerging industrial markets. In turn, this leads to greater demand for access to energy, more and cleaner water, and consumer goods like electronic devices. This increasing demand underscores the need to balance a prosperous future with a resilient and sustainable global society.

Sulzer is well-positioned to offer products, services and technologies to essential markets like energy, natural resources and process industries to increasingly enable both prosperity and sustainability. Our three divisions - Flow Equipment, Services and Chemtech - serve the same important growing markets that are ensuring the security and quality of critical goods and services, as well as the transition to a more sustainable future. Connected through large, global industry customers, our divisions enhance their products and technologies, enabling efficiency improvements and circular economies.

Sulzer is committed to becoming a top industrial company, creating ever more value for shareholders, customers, employees and society, as an integral contributor to global prosperity and sustainability.

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